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Welcome to this website featuring a pastime hobby, based about my home built Vintage Radios. As well as walking and cycling I have been into Electronics for the past 50 years and I built my first working Radio from a Philips Electronic Kit, A popular educational toy during my childhood days of the 1960s and early seventies. I also got mine as a Christmas present in 1971 when I was only 10 years old. As time progressed this kit learnt me how to read schematic circuit diagrams and I started buying Bernard's Radio books where I had a go at various radio circuits ranging from crystal set projects to regenerative transistor receivers. My first early projects where built on wooden base board using screw techniques until my mum bought me my first soldering iron in 1973. My soldering in those days was very messy and some of my projects would ether work or become abandoned. When I first stared work in 1977/78 my job was working with circuit boards and as a result my soldering and wiring skills greatly improved. I then got my own outdoor work shop as my early days of electronics was the kitchen table as was the living room which saw burnt carpets with solder splashes. Tandy UK owned by Radioshack in America was our local town electronics store and I successfully built many of there great kits which ranged from a regenerative shortwave receiver featured in pictures 1 and 2 to there Hi Fi IC FM Tuner which worked superb and gave me many happy years during the 1980s music era when Radio was as it should be today. As my days of cycle touring during the mid 1980s to early 90s was at a high I lost interest for a short while but in late 1990 when my budget was reasonable I started building superhet receivers using solid state devices based on FET Transistors and IC Integrated Circuits. As a result my skills in understanding radio improved and as was a new revival of the Valve era during that period I started building valve amplifiers. The valve amplifier in picture 3 was built during 1995 and early 1996. It was a kit Maplin Electronics featured based on the Mullard 5-20 Hi Fi amplifier of the 1950s. Like Tandy, Maplin was another great electronics super store which gradually went into decline and as a result ceased trading during 2018. Picture 5 is my first valve superhet receiver I first constructed in 1998 and saw many experiments until its final construction during summer 2011. The following year 1999 saw my first experiments building FM receivers and after several not so good attempts I had a go at this design during the winter of 2005/6 which can be found at the following link Pulse Counting Receiver . The website in question is an excellent Australian website run by a very experienced radio technician and his site features all you need to know about the design of both solid state and valve receivers of all kinds. This receiver in question is featured in pictures 6 to11 which forms my simple Hi Fi System and still works very well today. As a result of building his FM radio design I had a go at several of my own designs which are featured on this website which have been very successful and the solid state design featured in picture 13 is an example. Picture 11 and 12 feature a 2 valve regenerative receiver which the chassis was constructed in 1993 to form a version of this receiver using very small acorn valves. Over the years this receiver was upgraded using modern EL84 and ECF82 valves and this version was the first project to be introduced on this website when it started back in Spring 2006.    

Transistor Shortwave Receiver. My tresured possession, built from a kit, on a table in the living room during Christmas day 1977

Transistor Shortwave Reciever. This is the back view of the previous design and has given me many years of portable listening pleasure.

The Mullard 520 Hi Fi Valve amplifier of the 1950s. This is a homebuilt stereo design I built from a kit and is used for my Hi FI listening.

My homebuilt 5 valve superhet radio. I drilled all this Chassis myself and copied the circuitry from some of my radio books.

5 Valve superhet radio. This is the under chassis view of this homebuilt design and it uses modern transistor RF and IF coils, capacitor coupled.

My Homebuilt portable valve Hi Fi system. This is the front view of this design. It has its own inbuilt preamplifier, VHF/FM tuner and record deck.

My Homebuilt Hi Fi System. This is the back inside view. Towards the right is the main amplifier and looking left is the FM tuner and preamplifier.

My homebuilt valve Hi Fi system. This is ovelooking the top of the entire unit during normal use.

My homebuilt Hi Fi system. This is the front of the FM tuner and preamplifier chassis. The top right view is the FM tuner head, built in a diacast box

Home Built Valve Hi Fi system. This is looking at the back of the FM tuner and preamplifier. Taken during its final constuction.

My homebuilt Hi Fi system. This is the underside cicuitry of the FM tuner and preamplifier. Typical old style of wiring, compaired to printed circuits

My homebuilt 2 Valve TRF Short Wave Receiver. This is a working version of the prototype, featured as a construction project on this website.

Transistor VHF/FM Receiver. This is my own design of a Pulse Counting Superhet Receiver. Similar to a 1960s version featured in Practical Wireless.

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