Component Suppliers

Ever since the end of the valve era towards the late 1960s. components from your local electronic store have been increasingly hard to obtain. These links listed below are the only practical links where you might have more chances of success. Items such as variable capacitors and inductors are the most hardest of all too obtain. Popular online auction sites such as  Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay or Low Prices in Electronics, Books, Sports Equipment & more may also be useful but I can not guarantee availability. This list is the latest update at the time of writing on 17 May 2021.

Component Suppliers

  Antique Electronic Supply  Vintage Electronics 

Cricklewood Electronics CCTV and Electronic Components

RS Components  Jackson Brothers - Variable Capacitors and Drives

Farnell UK - Electronic Components Distributor

Mains Transformers And Valve Suppliers


VVT Mains Transformers for Electronic Equipment

Chelmer Valves  Watford Valves 

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