Important Electronic Symbols Used In Electronic Circuits

Like you have to understand how to read a road map to visit a place, far away from your home town, the same goes for building electronic circuits. The pictures below show typical examples of how to identify components and important parts of a circuit. Components marked with a plus + sign must always be connected correctly, as shown in the diagrams. In the case of electrolytic capacitors, Wrong polarity will result in the capacitor exploding and making a mess all around. It is important to remember that valves are far more robust in the short terms, compared to transistors but also the Wrong polarity of a rectifier diode will result in similar circumstances, possibly causing more damage. I would advise you to read these pictures very carefully before proceeding with any electronic circuit.     

Important symbols and signs, regarding connections, on sections of electronic circuits

Typical component symbols, used in Electronic circuits and all my designs, on this website.

Same as component symbols, but relating more to the valves

Important information, relating to Valve Base connections, when viewing underneth a particular radio chassis.

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