Components List For Transistor FM Receiver

Resistors 0.5 watt except where stated

R1 47K                      R11 2K2                      R22 8R2                      

R2 47k                       R12 680K                    R23 22R 2 Watt Minimum

R3 270R                     R13 1K5                     VR1 10k Log  Potentiometer

R4 270R                     R14 390R

R5 220R                     R15 2M2

R6 4K7                       R16 220R

RX 100K                    R17 4K7

R7 2K2                       R18 220K

R8 100K                     R19 470R

R9 2K2                       R20 10K

R10 4K7                     R21 100K


C1 1NF Disc Ceramic                              C12 0.02uf Disc Ceramic                       C22 0.01uf Disc Ceramic

C2 1NF Disc Ceramic                              C13 100uf 16V Electrolytic                    C23 1000uf 16V Electrolytic

C3 100NF Disc Ceramic                           C14 100NF Disc Ceramic                      C24 4.7uf  16V Electrolytic

C4 33PF Disc Ceramic                             C15 0.02uf  Disc Ceramic                      C25 22uf 16V Electrolytic

C5 10NF Disc Ceramic                             C16 100uf 16V Electrolytic                    C26 100NF Disc Ceramic

C6 100uf 16V Electrolytic                         C17 100NF Disc Ceramic                      C27 100uf 16V Electrolytic

C7 100NF Disc Ceramic                           C18 0.01uf Disc Ceramic                       C28 1000uf 16V Electrolytic

C8 6 to 10PF Disc Ceramic                       C19 180PF Silver Mica Or Polystyrene

C9 0.1uf Disc Ceramic                              C20 0.1uf Disc Ceramic

C10 100uf 16V Electrolytic                        C21 0.47uF Disc Ceramic Or Polypropylene 500V Minimum,

C11 1000PF Disc Ceramic                           If you intend using this tuner with a valve amplifier.

Tuning Capacitors And Trimmers

VC1 15 or 25PF Jackson C804 Type, Available by clicking on the following link Jackson Brothers - Variable Capacitors and Drives

Trimmers TC1, TC2, TC4, 20 to 30PF.

Trimmers TC3. 10PF.


TR1, TR2, 2N3819                    TR7, TR8 2N2369A

TR3 40673                                 D1, D2, 1N4149

TR4 BF244B                              IC1 LM386N

TR5, TR6  BC547

All semiconductors at the time of writing are available by clicking on the following link Cricklewood Electronics CCTV and Electronic Components 

I will update you sometime regarding equivalent Transistors that may work with this VHF Receiver. It might be possible but I can't guarantee, Think that the 2N3819 FET may work in the oscillator circuit. A 3SK88 or 40602 Dual Gate MOSFET should also replace the 40673 Mixer transistor     


Switches S1A, S1B. Double pole toggle or included on VR1 volume control as in the prototype. 

Telescopic aerial. Recommended is the directional one, I use in the prototype and is a available at the time of writing from Maplin Electronics Code JL11M 

Circuit Board. Available from Maplin Electronics as Plain Board 3929 Code JU37S and was used for building the prototype

Speaker 8 Ohm 1 Watt minimum.

Wire 16 SWG enamelled copper wire for winding coils 

Tinned copper wire for interconnections on circuit boards

Battery Holders 2 X PP3 Clips, Code HF28F Available from Maplin Electronics 

2 X 6AA Battery Holder with PP3 connector, Code JK78K Available from Maplin Electronics

Batteries 12 X AA Zinc Carbon, Recommended for testing the receiver for the first time.

12 X AA Alkaline for continues use is recommended, Provided you are satisfied everything is working OK.             

Vero pins. For mounting the VHF RF Coils and interconnections on circuit board

Equivalent Transistors

Although I cant guarantee these are direct replacements and may call for slight circuit modifications, regarding the DC bias conditions, Here are some of the ones I picked out of the Bernard Babani guide book BP85 dating back to July 1988.  

TR1/2. 2N3819 Equivalent replacement. MPF108. MPF112. FE3819 All American.

TR3. 40673 Equivalent replacement. 3N159. 3N201 All American.

TR4. BF244B Equivalent replacement MPF102

TR5/6. BC547 Equivalent replacement. No information so far to date.

TR7/8 2N2369A Equivalent replacement. 2N2369. BSX93. BSY19. BSS11 All European. 2N3227. 2N4275. EN2369A All American. 2SC889 All Japanese.

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