Components List Of AM/FM Pulse Counting Receiver

  Components List For Audio Amplifier.


R30 10K 1/4 Watt carbon film

RV2 47K Log pot


C31 47NF ceramic disc.

C32 4.7NF ceramic disc.

C33 220uf 25V electrolytic

C34 100NF ceramic disc.

C35 1000uf 25V electrolytic.


IC1. LM380N.

14 Pin IC socket.

Miscellaneous Items

Speaker Choke. See text for more information regarding this item.

S3 Double pole 1 Amp toggle combined with S2 for Radio section.

LS1. 8 Ohm 2 Watt minimum preferable.

 Components List For Pulse Counting Discriminator

Resistors. All 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Except R29

R23 220K.

R24 470R.

R25 10K.

R28 100R.

R29 120R 1/2 Watt or 1K preset pot.

RX 47K NB. Replaces RV2 Volume control for AGC bias if external audio amplifier is used as alternative


C22 220PF ceramic disc.

C23 10NF ceramic disk.

C24 100NF ceramic disc.

C27 100N ceramic disc.

C26 220uf 25V electrolytic.

C28 1000uf 25V electrolytic.

C29 100N.


TR9 BC547C.

TR10 BC547C.

D1 1N4148.

D2 1N4148.

Components List For IF Amplifier And VHF Mixer

Resistors. All 1/4 Watt Carbon Film

R10 100K.

R11 2K2.

R12 2K2.

R13 220R.

R18 4K7.

R19 2M.

R20 2M.

R22 100R.

R26 10K.

R27 470K. RV1 100K Lin Pot NB. Not needed for FM only Receiver Configuration


C10 10PF ceramic disc.

C11 100N ceramic disc.

C12 47uf 25V electrolytic.

C13 1NF ceramic disc.

C18 22NF ceramic disc.

C19 100NF ceramic disk.

C20 47uf 25V electrolytic.

C25 47uf 25V electrolytic.

TC2 15PF Trimmer.


TR4 BF244B FET Transistor.

TR7 BC547C.

TR8 BC547C.

VHF RF Coils

L8. See text for more information regarding this item.

Components List For VHF Local Oscillator

Resistors. All 1/4 Watt Carbon Film

R15 22K.

R16 470R.

R17 470R.


C14 47PF ceramic disc.

C15 47uf 25V electrolytic.

C16 100NF ceramic disc.

C30 1NF ceramic disc.

C15 10NF ceramic disc. NB Due to a duplicate numbering mistake, please make sure you use this particular value for mixer injection from the L7 VHF local oscillator RF coil. 

VC3 15PF airspaced variable capacitor.

TC3 15PF Trimmer.

L7 VHF RF Coil. See text for more information regarding this item.

 Components List For VHF RF Amplifier

Resistors. All 1/4 Watt Carbon Film

R1 47K.

R2 47K.

R3 270R.

R4 100R


C1 1NF ceramic disc.

C2 1NF ceramic disc.

C3 1NF ceramic disc.

C4 10PF ceramic disc.

TC1 15PF Trimmer.

L1 VHF RF Coil. See text for information regarding this item.


TR1 2N3819 FET

TR2 2N3819 FET

This is the entire list of passive and active components needed to construct the FM only configuration of this receiver. Please refer to the text below for additional items to construct the AM/FM TRF configuration and FM/Shortwave superhet versions.  

Additional Items For FM/TRF Version Of This Receiver 

S1 Rotary Switch

3 Pole 4 way, available from Maplin Electronics as code FF75S.

L9 Ferrite Rod Antenna Coil, available from Maplin Electronics as code LB12N.

VC4 365PF Variable or miniature AM tuning capacitor from an old tranie will do the job.

Additional Items For FM/Shortwave Superhet Version OF This Receiver

S1 Rotary Switch

3 Pole 4 way, available from Maplin Electronics as code FF75S.

Components List For HF Mixer And Oscillator

Resistors. All 1/4 Watt Carbon

R5 100K.

R6 2K2.

R7 100K.

R8 1M.

R9 2K2.

R9B 6K8.

R31 220R.


C5 10NF disc ceramic.

C6 10NF disc ceramic.

C7 10PF disc ceramic.

C8 100NF disk ceramic.

VC1 365PF Variable.

VC2 365PF Variable.


TR3 40673 Dual Channel MOSFET.


RF Coils

L3 L4 L5 and L6. See text for more information regarding these items.

Miscellaneous And Other Hardware Items 

15 Amp 1.5mm for winding VHF Coils or 16mm Tinned copper wire.

Tinned copper wire for wiring circuit boards.

Screws bolts and other hardware. Maplin Electronics is the easiest source I can think of at the time of writing but the other links that follow may help you out.

 PP3 Battery connectors. You will need 2 of these items plus 2 AA size 9V battery boxes all available from Maplin Electronics

Recommended Component Suppliers

At the time of writing Cricklewood Electronics CCTV and Electronic Components do stock all the semiconductors for this receiver project.

Maplin Electronics have a limited stock of semiconductors and the following components that are available at the time of writing are the 2 2N3819 FETs used in the VHF RF Amplifier and the 4 BC547Cs for the IF circuits. They also sell component packs of resistors and capacitors which is useful particularly if you are building other projects. Also the 1N4148 D1 and D2 silicon diodes used in the discriminator are still available at the time of writing.    

I have just recently ordered some tuning capacitors from Jackson Brothers - Variable Capacitors and Drives and it seems that this appears to be the best UK supplier at the time of writing. However. Please note that these are custom made items and there may be a delivery wait of  about 2 to 3 weeks depending on customer demand. They also stock the ball drives and dials used in vintage shortwave receivers that are very hard to obtain elseware.   

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