Components List For The FM Stereo Decoder

Resistors. All 0.5 Watt Carbon Film

R1 470K. R2 150K. R3 6K8. R4 4K7. R5 2K2. R7 15K. R9 470R. R10 2K7. R11 2K7.

RV1 1K Preset Potentiometer. RV2 4K7 Preset Potentiometer.


C1 0.47uf polyester. C2 100uf 16 Volt Electrolytic. C3 100uf 16 Volt Electrolytic. C4. 2.2uf 16 Volt Electrolytic. C5 47NF Disc ceramic. C6 220NF Disc ceramic. C7 470PF Disc ceramic. C8 220NF Disc ceramic. C9 470NF Polyester. C10 and C11 4.7uf 50 Volt Electrolytic or if you are using a valve audio amplifier, 0.47uf 600 Volt polypropylene is recommended for the mentioned safety reasons. C12 and C13 22NF Disc ceramic. C14 100uf 16 Volt Electrolytic. C15 100NF Disc ceramic.   


TR1 BC109. IC2 MC1310P Stereo Decoder IC. Both these items including all other components are still available, at the time of writing from the following link Cricklewood Electronics CCTV and Electronic Components


Tinned copper wire for interconnections on circuit board. Plain matrix board or PCB. NB Do not attempt to use strip board or the risk of stray capacitance may be a problem. Screened audio cable, with phono plugs for connecting to stereo amplifier. Choice and style is up to you, but preferably use separate cables rather then the double core screen type as this sort of cable may lead to poor stereo separation due to stray capacitance. Vero Pins. 9 Volt power source, preferably independent of the FM receiver power supply to insure actuate tuning stability and hiss free stereo reception . 14 Pin IC socket, essential for mounting this IC as it may be your last chance of getting hold of another, because they are old stock and no longer made.       

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